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We know that our father's paintings stir up all sorts of memories. If any of these mean something special to you, then we'd love to hear from you. We hope to produce a retrospective book on Peter's work so who knows, your comments might be included!

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Morning Congregation


'Morning Congregation'

We are still not sure of the precise location, though thanks to feedback from you we think it might be in the London area. Either way there is no denying that this is a powerful and evocative picture. The closer you look at this painting the more you will gain from it. In one of his more Impressionistic canvases Peter creates mood and atmosphere with seemingly effortless ease. We think this is one of his finest paintings ever and hope you will agree.

Saturday Morning


'Saturday Morning'

Available as a limited edition of 500 (lithograph on paper) image size 16 x 21" £60.00 incl p+p

Portraying Sheffield's busy shopping high street known as 'The Moor', during the 1950's. If you look at the figure riding the bicycle on the right - this was 'uncle Ted', Peter's wife's uncle. He rode his bike until he was in his 80's! Once again we see the old lady with the round glasses and the brown coat peeping out behind the chatting ladies! She seems to be a recurring character in several of Peter's paintings. The statue of Queen Victoria now resides in Endcliffe Park in the south west of Sheffield city centre. The buildings on the left are to be part of a £500million retail development proposal.

Lengthening Shadows


'Lengthening Shadows'

This painting is dramatic in its composition offering many contrasts. The horizontal cloud formations and broad shadows work in opposition to the rigid structure of the twin signals and the approaching railway lines. Whilst the calmness of the lowering sun as it ends its day at work is broken, the express rushes on to it's destination.

Where is it going? And where has it been?

Saturday Morning


'Dusk at Grantham'

Available as limited edition (500), litho on paper, image size 11 x 17" - £40 incl p+p

This painting was used as a book illustration 'Supernatural Steam'. This painting captures a sense of drama not only by the subject and the closing light of the day, but by the 'silhouette –like' form of the semaphore signals adding an almost mystical quality.

Where is it going? And where has it been?

Unfinished work


Unfinished Work.

August 1993

This is one of several paintings that Peter had in development when he died in August 1993. We don't know much else about it but seeing paintings take shape was something that fascinated all of us. Some never made it past these early stages and were destroyed or re-worked completely.

Peter Owen Jones - various pictures Peter Owen Jones - various pictures


Peter got through many sketch books over the years. These have never been seen by any other than family and close friends but here are just a few images that we have selected. Some went on to become paintings, some were just doodles... But damned good ones we hope you'll agree!

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We hope to change some of the work on display in the Gallery every few weeks in order that we can share as many paintings with you as possible. Some will be from private collections, some perhaps before completion, and others from the print collections both from the past and present.

If you own or commissioned any of Peter's paintings, we would love to hear from you. We are always keen to hear from people who met our father especially if there is a nice tale to tell.

Steve Jones and Helena Hutton