Peter Owen Jones



Moonlight at Lancaster NEW

Moonlight at Lancaster

Giclee print on fine art paper 490mm x 560mm
Limited edition 500 numbered and authenticated by artist's daughter. £95.00 (inclusive of postage within UK)

Another intensely evocative painting which was one of the last pictures Peter completed. We don't know much about it except that it is undoubtedly one of his best. So for once, we'll let the picture do the talking!

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Lifework NEW

"LIFEWORK" - Peter Owen Jones

16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio      33'35"
£11.95 (inc postage and packing UK mainland only - overseas delivery add £2.75)

The perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays! Available on DVD, this delightful documentary contains some rare footage of Peter Owen Jones describing how he creates the wonderful painting, The Comet At Stockport. Also featuring numerous drawings from sketchbooks alongside well known oil paintings and watercolours, this DVD is a highly personal account of the artist's life and work.

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Sheffield Reflections NEW

"Sheffield Reflections"
Pinstone Street, Sheffield, 1950's

Open edition print - lithograph
Image size: 540 x 400mm

To the right are the Peace Gardens, formally known as St Paul's Gardens and the original site of St Paul's church. This was demolished in 1939 to make room a new Town Hall extension but due to the outbreak of war in 1939, this was postponed and later cancelled. This area was renamed the Peace Gardens following the signing of the Munich agreement. This painting is a prime example of Peter's ability to capture mood and light with his clever use of colour.

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Hometime NEW

The Moor, Sheffield. 1950's

Limited edition 850 - lithograph
Image size: 295 x 420mm

Do you remember those really wet nights when the skies were heavy from the smog laden skies? The rain fell and the streets glistened with the reflections from the shop windows, each offering respite from the damp evening. The golden light and the familiar bell ringing from the approaching trams never failed to raise the spirits reminding us that Sheffield supported a very efficient transport system that served the city so well.

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End of the Line NEW

"End of the Line"
Meadowhead, Sheffield

Limited edition 850 - lithograph
Image size: 430 x 295mm

Sheffield is well known for its hills and at the top of one to the south of the city centre is the delightful Graves Park. Just past the upper entrance was the tram terminus, an exposed spot on a cold winter’s day.
In the distance a single deck bus, a new mode of transport then, offers more flexible routes - a glimpse of what was to come! Tram 152 was built in 1930 by W Hill of South Shields and ran until 1956 when sadly the entire tram system was dismantled.
This painting really captures the clear light of a frosty winters day.

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By the Earl Grey NEW

"By the Earl Grey"
Bottom of Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield

Limited edition 850 - lithograph
Image size: 295 x 420mm

Close to Wards Brewery, The Earl Grey was a regular stop for workers on their way home looking for conversation and a good pint of locally brewed bitter!

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The Junction NEW

"The Junction"
Dore and Totley Station, south west Sheffield

Limited edition 500
Image size: 280 x 430mm

This is in many ways was where it all started for Peter! Although born in the Derbyshire village of Bradwell, much of his life was spent living close to this area. During the 60's we would frequently take a short walk down through the trees to the raised area of grassland, shown here in the background. This offered a free grandstand view of the passing loco's and utter excitement for our father who never lost his enthusiasm as the occasional steam engines passed through Dore & Totley station.
100 yards from the station on the right is the entrance to the Totley Tunnel. Reputedly Europe's longest completely under land tunnel it was built in 1893 at over 3 miles in length linking Sheffield to the Hope Valley and Manchester.

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Suburban Echoes NEW

"Suburban Echoes"

Limited edition 850 - lithograph
Image size: 295 x 405mm

From about the age of 10, Peter and a group of boys would congregate on this bridge at Millhouses most Saturday mornings. Just below here was the running shed, a source of intrigue and fascination to such avid steam buffs as it was the principal shed for express locos on the Midland Line. The running shed remained until the early 1960s. Though the left track was removed many years ago as was the semaphore signal, this location remains largely unchanged including the platform building on the left - now a private dwelling.

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Lakeland Arrival NEW

"Lakeland Arrival"

Limited edition 500 - lithograph
Image size: 506 x 433mm

Depicting a warm summer's day as a LMS Jubilee class 4-6-0 no. 5681, named Aboukir, pulls into Oxenholme station on the London to Glasgow line. This station is the junction for the Lake District and Windermere branch lines.
Largely unchanged, the station remains pretty much as seen here but for the overhead wires and the removal of the lovely semaphore signals

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Winter Crossing NEW

"Winter Crossing"

Open edition - lithograph
Image size: 485 x 368mm

A family favourite in the Jones household, we all love this painting but know little about it. I have been led to believe that it is the Norfolk/ Suffolk border – perhaps you can tell us.
However the quality of light is fabulous and offers the soft tones of the winter sunlight whilst contrasting with bitter coldness of the day. A lovely painting!

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Darley Dale Crossing NEW

"Darley Dale Crossing"

Limited edition 500
Image size: 558 x 402mm

Lying nestled in the valley between Bakewell and Matlock sits Darley Dale station. The first station to be built at this site was in fact on the opposite side of the level crossing and was constructed in 1849. This was demolished and replaced in 1873 by the current buildings that also benefited from a footbridge and a goods yard.

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Terminus painting

"Spring Morning"
Beeley, Derbyshire

Giclee Print on canvas 21" x 24" Open Edition. £175 (inc postage within the UK)

The village of Beeley nestles in the Derwent valley close to Chatsworth House. This gorgeous painting captures one of those magical spring mornings when it feels like the long grey winter might be over and there is the promise of the coming summer. A picture to lift the spirits at any time of the year.

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Terminus painting

Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Giclee Print on Canvas 16" x 20" Limited Edition 500 numbered & authenticated by the artist's daughter. £175.00 (including postage within the UK)

This is the last of the Sheffield series of tram paintings. Peter had fond memories of the trams and here captures the colour and atmosphere of the smog that enveloped Sheffield's industrial districts.

The glow of the rattling tram must have been a welcome sound to those waiting at the terminus in the damp night air. The trams were phased out during the 1960's.

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Terminus painting

"On a Winters Evening"
Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Giclee Print on Canvas 16" x 20" Limited Edition 500, numbered & authenticated by the artists daughter. £175.00 (including postage within the UK)

The Derbyshire market town of Bakewell is the setting for this wintry scene. It was painted for Peter's wife Christine, who loved to remember the days when the snow stayed for more than just a few hours.

Many excursion trains would run to Bakewell, but nothing would compare with the activity on ‘Show Day’, the highlight of the Bakewell calendar. Today the station is closed although there is talk of the reopening of the line in the near future.

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Giclee on Canvas : With the advent of new printing techniques we are for the first time able to print onto canvas. This allows for a more authentic and 3 dimensional aspect to the prints as well as giving greater colour and depth.

Also still available

Saturday Morning

"Saturday Morning"

Available as a limited edition of 500 (lithograph on paper) image size 16 x 21" £60.00 incl p+p


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Dusk at Grantham

"Dusk at Grantham"

Available as limited edition (500), litho on paper, image size 11 x 17" - £40 incl p+p


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